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Alexandra McDonald – Vacation Genie

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Taylor Adamson- Vacation Genie

Taylor Adamson – Vacation Genie

My goal is to provide you with a stress free vacation of your dreams. With my attention to detail and creativity you’ll have the most magical experience.

About Me:
I have a sweet and sassy 3 year old little girl, who is my entire world. I have worked in Jefferson County as a business marketing teacher for 8 years, and I truly feel as God has called me to work with young adults. I am someone who goes all in and cannot wait to see where the journey Sandcastle Wishes takes me and my family as well as you and your family, too!

How I Got Started:
Through teaching marketing, I am also the DECA advisor. DECA partners with Disney to hold conferences and competitions there each year. As the advisor, I took on the job to plan not just basic school trips but once in a life time dream come true trips! I believe that creating opportunities for your students expands beyond the classroom. We spend as much time as possible in the parks, include Genie+, character meals, and as many extras as we can budget. Student and parents have come back from our trips raving about how it was the best “vacation” they’ve ever been on. So when the opportunity came up to join the team at Sandcastle Wishes, I couldn’t help but fill out the application. Through deep prayer and some amazing conversations with Sonya, I believe this is the perfect timing and opportunity. I cannot wait to help YOU plan your dream vacation.

My Favorite Place:
Growing up I would say anywhere tropical would be my favorite place, and I still absolutely love sitting with my toes in the sand, but in this phase of life I would say Disney excites me the most. After seeing my sweet girl’s face light up over and over again as she took in a ride, the castle, or her favorite characters I would have to say that it moved to the top of my list. The planning process is almost just as fun as the event itself for me, from the best rides and character dinners all the way down to the perfect outfits, every detail is so much fun for me.

Favorite Travel Memory:
I believe each trip holds a favorite memory. From swimming with dolphins in Jamacia, to seeing the faces of my students as they fly for the first time, to seeing real snow in Jackson Hole, to seeing my little girl’s face light up as she sees Mickey and his friends for the first time, I have always loved the feeling of experiencing something new, or witnessing someone else experience new and exciting things. New experiences are a forever favorite memory for me, and I cannot wait to hear how I held a role in making that happen for you and your family.

Travel Tip:
My advice is to take the trip. Get in the trip and memories over materials mindset. I promise the memories you create trying something new, or going back to your beloved spot will far surpass the toys they are bored of within a week.