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Specializing in Disney, Family, Adult Trips, RunDisney, and Special Health Care Needs travel

Our Earth is beautiful and full of life. I enjoy helping people explore and make memories that bring God’s joy for a lifetime.

A little about me, first off I LOVE me some Jesus! I love food! And I love people!!  I serve with students at Church of the Highlands. I have worked at Children’s of Alabama for 15 years and absolutely know God placed me there for my given purpose. I am a people person but also can enjoy intimate conversations and time alone. I have been married for 14 years and we have 2 Disney and Johnny Cash loving kids. My son went to Disney at 6 weeks old and he now knows his way around Disney World better than he knows our neighborhood. I am a runner, not only from things but to things! I enjoy doing RunDisney events at Disney World. I am a strong believer that there should be a little adult in kids but a lot of kid in adults! I am an open book and a practical traveler. I love to share my experiences and help individualize experiences for others on their travel adventures to infinity and beyond!!

My favorite place is obviously Disney World, however I have fallen in love with South America. I travel several times a year to Chile and Argentina. I enjoy meeting the people, walking the land, and experiencing ALL the various food and wine the countries offer. Authentic trips are my favorite. The hidden gems in life.

My best travel tip is to enjoy the little moments: the smells(smemories), the sounds, the taste. Slow down and really take in the experience. Some of my favorite memories with my kids are not on rides or with characters, but playing in a water fountain and just running around an open area at the Disney Parks. Time is a thief, cherish the smiles and laughter. Travel Much, Have Joy, and Enjoy the Journey as much as the Destination!