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My mission is to help create and plan a worry and hassle-free vacation that will allow you to have a memorable experience that exceeds all your expectations! The reason I became a travel agent is that it has always been my passion.  I have traveled so much, it has become a way of life for me.   Having family in two countries, it sounded like a good reason to learn the ins and outs of world travel.

At the moment my favorite place to travel is “new to them” places with my family! I loved going to Disney with my oldest when she was 5.  Seeing the ‘Most Magical Place on Earth’ through her eyes was one of my favorite moments. I can’t wait to go back and take my 1-year-old and experience it all over again through her eyes!

My favorite unique travel memory is from Brazil. I was in an extremely small town and I was staying there for 6 weeks. I was in desperate need of some bobby pins and I went around to a few stores in the town asking for them by description.  I didn’t know how to say ‘bobby pins’ in Portuguese.  There was one store that told me about another location about a half-mile away had them! Great! I get there and ask for them, and they brought me hair rollers instead. Whoops!  I did eventually find them, but it was an adventure for sure!  (Thank God for Google Translate now, right? )

The best travel tip I can give is… GO. My dad made a goal for me when I was born to visit all 50 states in the USA. I did that by the age of 16, driving through all of the mainlands, flying to Hawaii and Alaska, as well as multiple visits to most states and some of Canada thrown in. The experiences you get to see and experience with your friends and family is the reason to GO.

I would love to use my passion for travel and my experience to help plan your next magical vacation!