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Kamiech Campbell

Hi, my name is Kamiech. I’m a mother of four and wife to a wonderful husband. I was born in Jamaica but currently live in South Carolina with my husband and three of my children (the eldest is away at college). I’m a school teacher and very family oriented. Many people ask me, how do I have time to travel with such a hectic schedule? Truth be told, traveling is my therapy for work, home life and the overall issues of life. We all have our reasons for wanting an escape. Tell me yours and we can tailor experiences just for you.

I was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica and it is my home away from home and my secret hideaway.  I want everyone to appreciate all that Jamaica has to offer, and the knowledge I learned growing up in this island paradise is invaluable.  The beaches are amazing, the food is great, and the people are so warm. You can have an action packed vacation or experience the island like a local and have a true laissez-faire experience by taking it easy.

There are several places that I love to travel in the United States as well.  I love the vibrant City of New Orleans.  The city is more than just Bourbon Street, and is full of good food, culture and soulful music. There are so many different dishes to captivate your taste buds and there are musicians on the streets, in restaurants and in clubs.  New Orleans is not only a destination in itself, but is an excellent cruise port for additional adventures in the Caribbean.

I also enjoy the beaches of Florida.  My favorite beach is on Florida’s West coast, a City called Naples. The city is idyllic and what some would call slower paced.  This is my favorite place to chill, and you don’t even need Netflix. The beaches are a little different because of the texture of the sand, but I love it there.

Talk with you soon!