Sonya Little - Agency Owner

Sonya Little - Owner / Agent of Travel

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Alexandra McDonald - Vacation Genie

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Chrissy McConaughy - Vacation Genie

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Heather Burroughs – Vacation Genie

I began my love for travel when I was in high school. Traveling for us was not leisure, but for sports. We visited many states across the U.S. I did not get to enjoy them because we were always on a ball field. Now as an adult, I want to take my kids to see all nature has to offer, but one step at a time. 

I have been married to my husband for almost 10 years now and we have two beautiful daughters, who share my love for Disney. We live just north of Mobile, Al. My husband is a pastor and we stay pretty busy with ministry. We have now become a licensed foster home and we hope to adopt through this journey as well. We love being outdoors and on some form of water. We will be beginning our homeschooling journey starting this Fall and we hope that this will open the door for us to do more traveling. What better way to teach your children about history and culture than to take them to the actual landmarks. 

I found out very quickly that I love all things Disney!! Our first trip was October 2022 and now I can’t imagine not going every chance I get. That is also where I realized that I love planning. It gets me so excited knowing my family gets to just show up and everything is planned, booked, and ready to go. I am thrilled to start planning trips for you and your family!

Heather and Family
Heather and Family
Heather and Family
Heather and Family
Heather and Family
Heather and Family