Sonya Little - Agency Owner

Sonya Little - Owner / Agent of Travel

Alexandra McDonald

Alexandra McDonald - Vacation Genie

Zac and Ally Elrod

Alli and Zach Ellrod - Vacation Genie

April Woodfin - Vacation Genie

Ashley Hodgens - Vacation Genie

Chrissy McConaughy

Chrissy McConaughy - Vacation Genie

Delilah McBride

Delilah McBride - Vacation Genie

Heather Burroughs

Heather Burroughs - Vacation Genie

Meagan Berni - Vacation Genie

Miranda Gathof - Vacation Genie

Shannon Daily - Vacation Genie

Taylor Adamson

Taylor Adamson - Vacation Genie

Chrissy McConaughy – Vacation Genie

Hi! I am Chrissy, wife to Neil and mom to Olivia (21) and Liam (15).

Our family loves to travel and we have always said we would rather buy experiences and memories rather than “things”.

I have been a middle school math teacher for 25 years, and so we primarily travel in the summertime.

Our favorite places are Disneyworld, Universal, cruising in the Caribbean, NYC, and Las Vegas.

I am excited to join the team and look forward to helping your family create magical memories that will last a lifetime.