Sonya Little – Owner / Agent of Travel

Alexandra McDonald

Alexandra McDonald – Vacation Genie

The Elrods

Alli and Zach Ellrod – Vacation Genie

April Woodfin – Vacation Genie

Ashley Hodgens – Vacation Genie

Chrissy McConaughy – Vacation Genie

Delilah McBride – Vacation Genie

Meagan Berni – Vacation Genie

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Taylor Adamson

Taylor Adamson- Vacation Genie

Ashley Hodgens – Vacation Genie

My goal is to help others plan wonderful vacations and create memories that will last a lifetime.

I am married and have two kids. In addition to planning vacations I also work as a nurse. I enjoy good food, music, fun and most things outdoors.

I have always loved exploring different cities. I enjoy sharing my travel knowledge with others and realized I wanted to help more people plan their perfect vacation.

My favorite place to travel is Disney World or anywhere I haven’t been!

My favorite travel memory is when we took our oldest son to Disney World for the first time when he was almost three. The look on his face when he met Mickey Mouse for the first time will forever be a favorite memory.

My BEST travel tip is to not be afraid to try something new!