Why use a Travel Advisor?

Let’s talk about ways to save by booking with a Sandcastle Wishes Travel Agent.

  1. Time. We do the research for you! Don’t get overwhelmed.  We know things!
  2. Stress. Let us take on the stress of planning! From date changes, adding a person to the party, or even adding an excursion- we take on that for you!  You worry about what to pack and where to put your beach towel or what to ride first.
  3. Team of Professionals. We are all certified and trained in the vacations that we plan. On top of that, we work with exclusive suppliers that have a team of professionals dedicated to the areas of travel that they sell. We have excellent relationships with all of them to help us navigate you through all your tours and plans.
  4. Money. We have ALL the tips! Did you know you can buy discounted Disney Gift Cards to use on your trip? Or that periodically suppliers get travel agents special rates that are not online? You can attend one of our online or in-person webinars or parties and get special offers and inclusive deals on your trip? Yep, we can save big.
  5. Complimentary. Our work is done complimentary for YOU! You don’t have to worry about us!
  6. The BIGGEST bonus for booking with our team, is we have personal relationships with most resort staff and managers of the resorts we book in the Caribbean.  How does that benefit you? They know you before you arrive and will roll out the red carpet for you.  I  personally reach out to the team at the resort to let them know you are my client.  They care.

All in all, a specially planned trip by the Vacation Genies here at Sandcastle Wishes Travel is something you will fall in love with!  We want you to enjoy the experience. You let us do all the behind the scenes work, work hard to make your vacation seamless.  And when things do happen (because they will), we know how to handle them.

We would love to have your business for your next vacation.  Mention this blog post and we will give you a bonus offer!!!