Travel Tip Tuesday – June 22

Happy Tuesday, Travelers! Today we are going to talk about a little gem at Universal Studios Florida. Universal has a thing called “Express Passes”. These passes allow you to skip the normal lines for rides for most attractions. There are two types: Express Pass (can skip the line one time per attraction) and Unlimited Express Passes (can skip the line as many times as you’d like on attractions that offer the Express Lane).

How do you obtain these? You must pay for them, and they are not cheap by any means. But- there’s a way to get them for free!  If you stay at one of the 3 Premier Resorts then you get unlimited express passes from date of check-in through date of check-out.

Well, sounds like they are not free if you’re paying to stay at a more expensive resort. 🤔 well, let’s do a price breakdown:

You book a 4-night stay for a party of 5 (2 adults, 3 children) at Universal’s Endless Summer Resort- Dockside. This is a great resort! However, you cannot walk to the parks quickly and must take their bus. You add on a ticket to go to all 3 Parks, which allows park-hopping and it makes the package: $2,999.00.  This is great, But you really want to get express passes because waiting over an hour for rides is not your style. Just 3 days of express passes make the package: $5,686.63


You could stay at Loews Royal Pacific, a Premiere resort at Universal Orlando, and get UNLIMITED express passes (use on the rides multiple times a day) INCLUDED in your resort stay for just $3,893.65. Even staying at the majestic Loews Portofino Bay would only cost $4,195.68.  This adds so much value to your resort stay, you can even take a boat taxi to the parks or even walk from some of them.

Now, sometimes staying at a value resort without express passes is just what your budget calls for. There are even prime value and preferred resorts that have plenty of reasons to want to stay there! We have the tricks to still help find ways to save money on express passes if you chose to stay at one of those.  Just last week we helped a family staying at Universal’s Cabana Bay save over $1,000 for unlimited express passes.

Make sure to use our travel advisors to find ways to save! At Sandcastle Wishes Travel we have your best interest at heart!