Travel Smarter This Summer

Have you ever thought about getting through security at the airport faster? Would you love to keep your shoes and belts on, not have to take your laptops and electronics out, or even your liquids?  With TSA Precheck, it’s super fast and easy to navigate through security. Today we will talk about TSA-PreCheck. This application process is very easy! You can complete an application here :

From there, you will need to make an appointment time and location.  Atlanta is the closest to Birmingham, but believe it or not, I  did mine on the way back from Mexico, in Houston.  Most International airports have a TSA interview location.  I had a layover and there was an appointment available, so I  jumped on the opportunity.  It was so easy and quick!!  And WORTH IT!! This appointment is where you will do your fingerprinting and pay the fee for the service. Currently, the fee is around $90.

Once approved, you’ll get an email and letter in the mail with your Known Traveler Number (KTN). When booking flights, make sure to add your number to the booking (or have your handy travel agent like ourselves do it for you :). Your approval is good for 5 years! No more waiting in long lines if you’re traveling to an airport with a PreCheck security line! Your children (under 12) are allowed to go through the line with you as well!

If you are ready to travel and book your summer vacations, or ANY, 2021-2023, PLEASE let us know!  We are ready and prepared to help you navigate this post-covid world!!

Happy Traveling!