Travel Tip Tuesday! Let’s talk about Car Seats

Today we will talk car seats! First, when traveling by air, you do not have to bring car seats. But, you are allowed to bring car seats on the planes. However, this is not backed up as safety by car seat manufacturers. Some chose to bring theirs onto the plane to have a place for their little ones to sleep to sleep and contain them in their seats. Just remember if you’re planning on bringing the car seat on the plane, then that requires a ticketed seat (not a lap seat for infants).

Also, when traveling by air, you might need to bring a car seat to have for car travel once you arrive where you’re going. Car seats are free to check in as luggage. It’s highly recommended to get a car seat bag as well (might I add, a bag with straps so it can be carried around like a backpack to the luggage counter). What’s awesome about this bag is not only is it free to check, BUT you can fill the bag with travel necessities as well. You can see in this photo that we filled our bag with diapers, wipes, pool toys and floats.  Make the most out of this bag to help save space with your luggage!

Also remember, if you’re traveling by rideshare/taxi somewhere in the US or other countries that require car seats, make sure to bring one or check beforehand if you can book a car with car seats!

Car Seats