A Look at All New Things Disney!

It’s a PORG! A new ‘Magic Shot’ at Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios

I  hope you all enjoyed our Social Media blast from our annual agency retreat we just returned from!  While we did have lots of fun, we also learned SO MUCH about the new protocols, procedures, and even about a new ride coming in October!  Let’s just dive in and start with all the things.

There were some minuscule gestures we noticed such as the mentioning of a certain ‘ pandemic ‘ in some of the jokes during Frozen Ever After, the show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Probably the most exciting gesture during our time there was being able to REMOVE YOUR MASK FOR PHOTOS!!  The Photopass photographers will place you on a spot away from others, and then allow you to remove your mask.  They snap the photo and make sure to remind you before you collect your belongings to put your mask back on.  So, they are taking a few steps in the right direction, in my opinion!

Not many have mentioned or noticed this, but they have brought back the refillable mugs at the Disney resort locations!  This is a big step (to me) in bringing the dining plan back!  Remember they were included.  If they are gone, how can they bring them back, right?

Mugs are back!

Refillable Mugs are BACK!

One of the biggest changes, I  believe, is how to obtain a boarding group for the popular ‘Rise of the Resistance’ ride at Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios.  We will be sending our clients a step-by-step guide on how to get a boarding group (not guaranteed but ALMOST)

Our favorite new thing we found at EPCOT!  Did you know they are opening a new ride featuring Ratatouille??? It will be located in the France Pavillion and is almost completed!  We snapped some pictures of the outside and the beginning of where the queue will start!

OPENING OCTOBER 1st!  CLICK HERE to reserve your package today!



The queue for the new ride at the French Pavillion in Epcot.  I  wonder what new dining experience will come with this? 

A new ride at Epcot!

Remy will be coming to life in an all-new family ride!


We are ALL excited to ride along with Remy for his new adventure in Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure!  The concept is guests shrinking to the size of a rat,  running through a restaurant in a trackless dark ride.  high-energy experience with some oversized kitchen items as physical props, plus 3D film on a series of giant screens.




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