To Travel or NOT to Travel

To Travel or NOT to Travel


Do you have questions or concerns about traveling abroad during this global pandemic?  I am blogging today about my experience of going to Jamaica recently.  There are several safety protocols you need to follow and be informed about before traveling to any destination right now, even Orlando theme parks.   I know right now is a difficult time, but you can make your own decisions about your vacations.  If you are traveling, just be safe.  If you are not traveling, there is time to make plans for when you are ready to travel.  Either way, please don’t judge.  You have to make decisions based on your family and your comfort level. 

Pre-planning:  Where can I go?  

This is a hard decision because of all the convoluted articles and reports saying what countries are open and what aren’t .  Where can you travel and where you can’t. THIS is where a good travel agent comes into play.  We are being informed almost daily by tourism boards of most countries on the new protocols, opening dates, and procedures to get you into the country.  There are places you can go, but you need to be aware of the extra safety procedures and what it will take to get you that safe vacation.

Jamaica is welcoming guests from America with a new ‘Travel Authorization’ to be filled out 5 days before arrival.  Upon completion of this form, you will receive an authorization email (or denial letter) where you will have to print and show upon boarding your flight.  Make SURE you get this !!  ALSO, those from ‘hot spots’ have to upload a COVID 19 test within 72 hours before entry.  These can be difficult to obtain because they have to be the PCR certified and you upload a negative test to the app/ website before you get approval.

Upon arrival in Jamaica, (mask required) you will come down the ramp and get your temperature checked and  ‘sanitized’ about 50 times LOL….If you ever wonder where all the hand sanitizer is? It’s in Jamaica ...hahaha…

My (clients and myself) will have a representative meeting them with their names on a paddle and escorted through the medical checks and questioning.  This is where they will sit you down at a medical table with nurses and a tablet asking you questions about your medical history.  This is where you could be asked to test.  (hopefully not)

The next step, once the vetting process is complete, you will go through the line and get sanitized again.  Then go through military personnel asking you a few questions about where you were going.  Then on to the luggage carousel.  Once the luggage is accounted for, you get escorted to the customs desk.  They take your form you filled out on the airplane and then you go to questioning by a customs officer and your passport is stamped.  Sanitized again and again….I felt more comfortable and safe in Jamaica than I did in the US airports…

If you are interested in booking Jamaica, Mexico or any other country, we would love to help navigate you through this process! Our expertise and information is priceless now more than ever.  

The best thing about leaving a destination is knowing where your next will be…...