Summer Travel Tips

Summer Travel Tips

Here are some of my tips for Summer travel around the globe:

1. For international flights, make sure to have a good pair of noise-canceling headphones.  You never know what you will need to block out on a 10-hour flight. You won’t regret this.  I prefer the Bose 35 II (I personally use these on flights and they are amazing)

2.  Make sure you pack a change of clothes in your carry on for unexpected emergencies or in case your luggage arrives later than expected.

3.  For international make sure you have an RFID blocking passport wallet.  I use a lightweight crossbody wallet with lots of zippers. I keep my passport, my cards, and ID in this. Along with anything I need quick access to such as cash, chapstick, etc.

4.  Check the weather a few days before you leave.  You know how the weather likes to fluctuate, you don’t want to be caught off guard.  Make sure you are prepared for the climate. Ponchos from the dollar store come in handy, and you can dispose of them easily.  I always keep one in my bag for those unexpected downpours, especially in Europe.

5.  Carry all your charging cables, adapters and battery packs all in a safe carrying case. Make sure you have the right converters for the country you will be flying to.

6.  For your flights make sure you print your boarding passes.  I use the airline app to do my check in 24 hours before leaving, but to be safe, take a set with you and keep with your passports and documents.  The app for the airlines I just flew on worked seamlessly. You have your boarding pass on your home screen and scan it going through security and when you get to your gate.  

7.  If you are flying internationally I HIGHLY recommend getting Global Entry.  The process is simple and can be a lifesaver getting you through customs quickly and to your connecting flight.  To register, there is an application fee of $100, then you will need to make an appointment at your nearest  airport. You can find them here:

8.  Don’t forget to take all your medicine and anything you might need while traveling.  For cruisers, I highly recommend Dramamine and Imodium. I also travel with essential oils and Lysol wipes.  

9.  To prevent illness while on vacation, I recommend wiping Lysol wipes.  Wipe everything down in your hotel/cruise room. Even the remote control.  Also, peel back the sheet in the corner and check the mattress for bed bugs.  You don’t want to have a ruined vacation because of something that could be avoided.  It does happen.

9.  Pack sunscreen and bug spray. You will need these at any destination.  

10.  Make copies of your passport and leave with family members who will be in the US while you are gone.  Also, as your travel agent, I can retain a copy for you in case I need to help you while you are across the pond.