It really IS the Most Magical Place On Earth!

It really IS the Most Magical Place On Earth!

Have you ever wanted to travel to Disneyland, but just didn’t know if it would be worth it?  I am GUILTY of this also!  And take it from me, THINK AGAIN.  Did you know I stepped foot inside Disneyland for the FIRST time this month?  It was the most amazing Disney experience I have ever had.  Was it my obsession with Walt Disney and the love of the Mouse?  Was it the nostalgia that is laced throughout the entire land?  Who knows?!!  BUT, the one thing I DO know is you MUST VISIT THIS PLACE!! 

Mr. Toad

All of you know we visit Walt Disney World several times a year and might  have a slight Disney addiction.  I couldn't imagine ever cheating on World to go to Land.  When I first started planning my trip, it seemed so surreal.  Was I REALLY getting to go to the original park?  Seriously?  SO, I dove in and booked it all.  Magically coordinating the whole trip down to what ride I wanted to ride and experience first, to that first 'must eat' treat.  The result of this magical moment in my history of attending the home of the mouse was now a warped sense of 'what to do now'?? To experience a ride for the first time was awesome!!  I haven't felt that in such a long time!  The anticipation of what is waiting for me around the next corner or is the ride going to plummet down a big drop, was surreal.   But now my emotions are now torn because I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!  Could you IMAGINE loving something more than the place you travel to SEVERAL times a year?  You are so obsessed with it that your career (and marriage) revolved around vacations at the most magical place on earth?  Well, it's TRUE! The verdict is in.   If you are a fan of Walt Disney WORLD, you HAVE to visit Disneyland, at LEAST once!!  A dear friend said it well. Disneyland is like the book and Walt Disney World is like watching the movie!  They both are great, but different. These photos don't do the magic any justice!  Lets get your Disneyland trips on the book and you can see for yourself!

Me inside of Le Salon Nouveau Me inside of Le Salon Nouveau at Club 33!

Oh, and did you KNOW yours truly, was invited into CLUB 33??? Those who know how I roll, aren't one bit surprised that this pixie dust was sprinkled over me while I was there for the FIRST time!  BUT to those who DON'T know me and my big personality, lets just say I was in the right place at the PERFECT time.   There is ONLY a 14 year wait-list JUST to get into the 'club'. You can research this more later, but for now, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite business men, Walt himself.  

"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.'......Walter Elias Disney