BREAKING NEWS! Universal's NEWEST PARK Announced Today

BREAKING NEWS! Universal's NEWEST PARK Announced Today

Today Universal Orlando Resort announced the addition of their newest park named “Universal’s Epic Universe”. The park will consist of different immersive lands that will each be themed around a story-line. We are being told that this park will be unlike anything we have ever experienced before and will no doubt live up to it’s name!

In addition to the different immersive lands, there is also an extreme emphasis on the adventure between lands and the journey it will take us on to reach each destination. This park will be something of dreams and I believe something we could not even imagine! We will also be expecting a new entertainment center, hotels, shops, restaurants and more!

The park will be located about 15 minutes away from the rest of the Universal Resort on their new property. We are sure there will be some type of transportation between all 4 parks provided by Universal, to what that transportation might be or what the time frame is on this exciting project is still unknown. We should assume that this project will take a few to several years to develop as this is going to be essentially an entire NEW resort, one of which I believe will take us into the future of theme park experiences!

We are so excited for what Universal Orlando Resort has planned and we will be sure to update you with all the news surrounding this exciting announcement.

What lands are you hoping to experience at the NEW Universal’s Epic Universe?Comment below and share this exciting news with your friends! 

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